Sports career

Hubert Neuper, one of the most famous Austrian ski-jumpers, was member of the Austrian National Team from 1976 to 1984. During his active time as sportman he achieved the following awards:




2nd Place    Worldcup Cortina

2nd Place    Worldcup Obersdorf

1st Place     Worldcup Garmisch

1st Place     Worldcup Innsbruck

1st Place    Worldcup

2nd Place    Worldcup Thunderbay

2nd Place   Olympic Games Lake Placide

2nd Place    World Championship Lake Placide

3rd Place     Worldcup Gstaad

2nd Place    Worldcup Lahti

1st Place     Worldcup Planica

3rd Place     Worldcup Holmenkollen

1st Place     Worldcup Obersdorf

1st Place    Worldcup 1980

                   1st Winner of the Worldcup of all hills in history




2nd Place    Worldcup Innsbruck

2nd Place    Worldcup Bischofshofen

1st Place    Winner of the four hills tournament

1st Place     Worldcup St. Moritz

3rd Place     Worldcup Sapporo

4th Place     Worldcup




1st Place     Worldcup Bischofshofen

2nd Place    World Championship Team Oslo

2nd Place    Worldcup Kulm

1st Place     Worldcup Kulm

1st Place     Worldcup Kulm

2nd Place    Worldcup Planica

2nd Place    Worldcup




termination of sports career




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